SEVENDUST back in B'ham!

I have been waiting a very, very long time to shoot what I consider to be the very best metal band on this planet.  Sevendust.  I finally got that chance last night as they returned to B'ham and rocked Zydeco, an intimate venue which with a band like Sevendust, is always an awesome experience.  Touring on their latest album "Black Out the Sun", they have been destroying audiences around the country and tonight would be no different.  Opening the set with "Decay" they quickly set the tone for the evening.  Lajon's voice was as powerful as ever yet he still showed the finesse he is capable of on a few of their more melodic songs "Angels Son" and "Got A Feeling".  I have been lucky enough to see these guys 5 times now and I am already anticipating their return!  Below are images from the show as well as a few from the openers.